I am having problems with my child. Where do you recommend I start?
If this is your first time on our website we would first recommend that you download several articles about our work under Resources. Second, we highly recommend that you get a copy of The Connected Child. You may purchase this item online, at your local bookstore or find a copy at a local library. Third, we have a series of Training DVDs available for purchase on our website under DVD Sales.

Can you refer me to a therapist you have trained?
Although we do not have a referral service in place at this time, we recommend looking for someone who encourages the family to be a part of the process and invites you into the treatment room. We firmly believe that real change can only happen when parents bring the therapies into the home (not just in the office for an hour a week).

Professionals who have attended the TBRIĀ® Training

Can my child attend one of your programs?
We are a research institute that does not provide services outside any ongoing research projects. Although we would love to be individually invested in every family who contacts us, this is not possible. If you would like to be added to our waiting lists for upcoming projects please email us at child@tcu.edu with "waiting list" in the subject line. Please use our website as a resource and reference.

Do you provide Neurotransmitter testing/TAAT protocol?
No, we are not medical providers or nutritional experts. We highly suggest that you first speak to your primary care physician before beginning any supplement therapies. For more information about TAAT please click here.

How do I get an ICD trainer to speak at my upcoming conference/training?
Dr. Purvis' speaking calendar is currently closed. If you are interested in obtaining training or speaking from one of our other trainers, please inquire about a training request form by emailing child@tcu.edu with "training request" in the subject line. We will return a letter to you about fees and the process of booking and contracting with one of our trainers.

May I schedule a consultation with Dr. Purvis or another staff member?
Although we wish we could individually consult with every family who contacts us, we are a research institute and unable to provide clinical service. Please use our website and resources as a starting place and check the Professionals who have attended the TBRIĀ® Training link.

Can you train me in your intervention model?
The Institute does offer training for professionals in our Trust-Based Relational Intervention® model. This training is available once or twice each year. Please check our Training page for information. If you would like to be added to our waiting list for training please email child@tcu.edu with "professional training" in the subject line.

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