Purpose –

This list is for graduates of the 5 day TBRI® workshop. Its purpose is the sharing of information related to implementing strategies and practices derived from the empowering, connecting, and correcting principles. The Institute of Child Development (ICD) enthusiastically supports the list and the interaction and learning that will result from continued contact among TBRI® alumni. It is a forum for the exchange of creative ideas and sharing of experiences as we seek to put our knowledge into action.

Disclaimer –

Messages and opinions expressed on this listserv, including any recommendations for service providers or resources, are those of the author and are not necessarily the opinions of TCU Institute of Child Development, its faculty, staff, Advisory Board, and/or the listserv moderator.

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Limitations –

Out of consideration for individual differences in opinions and personal history, be respectful in the tone and content of your messages.  This listserv is not the forum for a debate.  Members are also encouraged to respect each other’s time and to post both questions and responses in a concise fashion.   Finally, CONFIDENTIALITY MUST BE RESPECTED by use of initials or other practices that allow for client’s anonymity.

Procedures –

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